IT global Support


We employ a team of specialist IT procurement experts to handle your hardware, software and licensing requirements, across a multitude of vendors.

When you buy IT equipment or software licenses from We as part of a service agreement, you won’t need to worry about specifications or compatibility, or whether it will cause ongoing problems. Your Technical Account Manager and our procurement experts will take care of all that for you.

Our procurement expertise spans the full range of leading vendors and our in-house team can help you put together any bundle you need.


Infrastructure projects can be complex to implement and complex to understand due to the range of technologies and business requirements involved.

Our professional services are typically delivered against an agreed scope on a fixed price basis. Our engineering team commences with a scope of works, a detailed project plan, and a User Acceptance Test plan prior to commencing technical work. 

Writing the user test plan early in the design process gives the customer more visibility into what we’re proposing and greater control over the project outcome.

We remove your risk of failed IT infrastructure projects by guaranteeing that our recommended solutions will work and guaranteeing that we will deliver against the budget.

Our IT project management methodology is flexible enough to cater for the variety of challenges our customers face, yet rigid enough to deliver consistent on-time on-budget delivery with planned outcomes.